You Are Here…

Earth Day is a celebration of all the things that matter with Mother Earth, and it has evolved from the teachings of Rachel Carson to become the embodiment of eco-political and geo-social touch points.

There’s only one Earth.

We are not born into this world.


We are born from this world.

In the words of the great Alan Watts, “Just as an apple tree apples, the Earth peoples.”

One might say that Earth Day is like Mother’s Day.

Ride the Lightning

Last night in rural Louisiana, there was a super-charged thunderstorm that swept through these backroads.

There were so many flashes of lightning at the peak of this thunderstorm, the sky appeared as a strobe-lit dance floor in the sky.

Flash! Boom!
Flash! Boom!

With a rare event like this, it creates a feeling of smallness and fragility within the human experience–how irrelevant or mortal our physical beings are in relation to the electrified, natural world.

And the booming thunder that follow are like exclamation marks that rattle windows and shake walls.

Flash! Boom! A dance of light and sound, and the awe of sublime power.

Staying Cool with Global Climate Change

The weather’s a changing, and it’s been quite the winter in the southern states of North America. More snow has fallen in the lower southeast than has been seen in more than forty years.

Complement that with the hundred-year drought of California and the most powerful storm ever recorded with the Philippines’ Haiyan, and these are strange days indeed.


So, what gives?

Is this the new normal?

Is this a changing epoch, similar to the Ice Age?

There’s no definitive answer at this moment, except to say that change is inevitable and change’s definitely happening.

One thing for certain, an igloo lifestyle might be pleasant for some, but that’s not my idea of staying cool.

Sundance and Macintosh – Thirty Years of Independence

It’s not a wonder that two brands of independent artistry have become iconic when the structure of their entire business model has been to put power into the hands of the people.Apple

Apple’s Macintosh turns 30-years young this week. That’s a meaningful milestone, and it represents three decades of developing self-reliant artisanal endeavors in the realm of digital media.

Sundance Film Festival also turns 30-years young this week, with its world-changing cinematic celebration becoming the grandaddy of all DIY digital filmmaking.

Sundance30These two brands are indicative of something in the world of digital storytelling, transmedia to use the catch phrase, that has been building for three decades.

What current brands will be the next dimension in DIY artistry and independent filmmaking?

Today, smartphones and Vine or YouTube are the realm of the independent filmmaker/storyteller, but these seem to leave a lot off the table for the audience.

Native Primitive – Simple and Sublime

Trends in the arts point to societal hot points. Picasso saw primitive art as a means to discuss our African commonality. Cormac McCarthy writes of a return to tribalism and rugged frontier life.

Navajo Rug Art
Navajo Rug Art

Something that makes me think of  the why and the what we’re doing is how it seems we’re seeking the simplicity of our ancestors.

No tweets or twerks.

What does good art, poetry, literature, film,  and music seek?

The essence of who we are. And who we can be. What really matters?

Keep it simple. Appreciate the sublime.

Man Is the Cruelest Animal

Louisiana lunacy…

Nic Pizzolatto might be the hottest writer in Hollywood at the moment.

His new HBO series, True Detective, will be the talked about serial for 2014. Emphasis on “serial,” because the show follows the diabolical exploits of a serial killer in and  around the swamps and bayous of Louisiana.

Matthew McConaughey will be as lauded for his role as Rust Cohle as any other, including his Dallas Buyer’s Club gig. His character slowly unravels while investigating murders that defile any sense of rational perception.

Thusly, the tagline: “Man Is the Cruelest Animal.”

Into the Great Unknown

Foggy daze...
Foggy daze…

There’s something to a new year that’s both full of promise and strangely empty.

As the new year offers a figurative blank slate of twelve months to plan and plot new pathways, the passing of the previous year rings as a dull pang in the conscious of regret or disappointment.

What could be done has been done, and what will be done will be.

The key is to launch the ship and journey into the unknown, charting a course with the information gained from previous launches.

That’s the truth of the past mixed with the story of the future.

The End of That and Beginning of This

Where (short film) dreams are made...
Where (short film) dreams are made…

Nearly a year after the completion of film production on Bridge of Sighs and the process of finding an audience is shaping up.

The importance of this story and its characters is even more relevant with the provocative storylines and cinematic prominence of films like 12 Years a Slave and Django Unchained.

We shall see…