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Ride the Lightning

Last night in rural Louisiana, there was a super-charged thunderstorm that swept through these backroads.

There were so many flashes of lightning at the peak of this thunderstorm, the sky appeared as a strobe-lit dance floor in the sky.

Flash! Boom!
Flash! Boom!

With a rare event like this, it creates a feeling of smallness and fragility within the human experience–how irrelevant or mortal our physical beings are in relation to the electrified, natural world.

And the booming thunder that follow are like exclamation marks that rattle windows and shake walls.

Flash! Boom! A dance of light and sound, and the awe of sublime power.

Into the Great Unknown

Foggy daze...
Foggy daze…

There’s something to a new year that’s both full of promise and strangely empty.

As the new year offers a figurative blank slate of twelve months to plan and plot new pathways, the passing of the previous year rings as a dull pang in the conscious of regret or disappointment.

What could be done has been done, and what will be done will be.

The key is to launch the ship and journey into the unknown, charting a course with the information gained from previous launches.

That’s the truth of the past mixed with the story of the future.