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Sundance and Macintosh – Thirty Years of Independence

It’s not a wonder that two brands of independent artistry have become iconic when the structure of their entire business model has been to put power into the hands of the people.Apple

Apple’s Macintosh turns 30-years young this week. That’s a meaningful milestone, and it represents three decades of developing self-reliant artisanal endeavors in the realm of digital media.

Sundance Film Festival also turns 30-years young this week, with its world-changing cinematic celebration becoming the grandaddy of all DIY digital filmmaking.

Sundance30These two brands are indicative of something in the world of digital storytelling, transmedia to use the catch phrase, that has been building for three decades.

What current brands will be the next dimension in DIY artistry and independent filmmaking?

Today, smartphones and Vine or YouTube are the realm of the independent filmmaker/storyteller, but these seem to leave a lot off the table for the audience.